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Welcome to Journaling Helps! This is a site dedicated to journaling and journals.

Journaling is a practice that can help people improve their lives and reach their goals. If you have just arrived, you are probably wondering if this site is for you. Let me outline what is contained on the pages of Journaling Helps. To help answer this question, let's first look at what journaling is.

What is journaling?

  • Is it a teenage girl writing in her diary about the boy she has a crush on? Yes it is!
  • Is is writing down what you're eating, so that you can keep better track of your food, and learn to make better choices? Yes it is!
  • Is it writing down your feelings, and moving towards emotional feeling? Yes, it is! 
  • Is it a student writing about his day at school, and the teacher making a brief comment? Yes, again.

Journal writing is all this and more. There are many different kinds of journals that people keep.

Journaling Helps can assist you in getting started! We will give you all the basics in how to write a journal, so you can enjoy all the benefits received by those who do journaling on a regular basis.

Do you need some fresh inspiration for your journal writing? Or perhap want to keep a new kind of journal? I can help with that.

Maybe you wonder about all the different kinds of journals out there. We have an extensive list for you to peruse.

Are you looking for powerful advice on using journals in your weight loss journey? This site can assist with that, too.

Or perhaps you are an educator. You have heard that journal writing is a good practice, but you're not sure where to start. Learn about journal writing in the classroom, and get your students started. Hopefully, this will answer any questions you have and help to encourage you in trying this out.

Common Core State Standards dictate that students do regular writing, and daily journal writing helps to accomplish this. The advantages of having students write daily are tremendous.

We also have some excellent prompt ideas to help you out once you get going, including 52 different prompt ideas designed specifically for elementary students.

And finally, maybe you already know how to journal. You just love to look at journals, touch, feel, taste ... (no, not taste!) them. And we will be focusing on these beautiful books themselves, as well.

Journaling is about becoming more aware of your life by capturing some of your moments in time.

Look at around the site to find what you need. If you don't see it yet, check back for more updates. The site is quite new and I intend to make it grow in the next year.

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