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Mother Daughter Journals are a form of communication between mothers and daughters that can be very deep and profound. There's nothing like the bond between a mother and a daughter. The mother daughter bond is the most primal and basic of all our relationships, and we never shake the influence of our mothers. And because the relationship is so close, paradoxically, we sometimes experience problems with our mothers or our daughters. We expect so much -- perhaps too much sometimes -- and that pressure can lead to an inability to express ourselves freely. We search for ways to connect when feelings are overwhelming, and we cannot quite say what we need to say.

A mother daughter journal is a way for mother and daughter to connect when they are struggling with face-to-face conversation. To talk about things that are too deep inside to talk about in every day conversation, or perhaps need to be written, and then read in privacy.

Mother daughter journal is like a series of letters between two people who know each other so well; the written form allows for thoughts to brew, and responses to percolate. Like the letters of old, the slow back and forth method of communication allows room for contemplation.

A mother daughter journal is a way to keep communication alive during the times that a mother feels she no longer knows her daughter -- that the bond is perhaps not strong enough for the frightening times of puberty and change.This type of document is also a way for the daughter to remember how much her mother loves her, even the fighting or distance between them is so great, and the love seems perhaps a mirage.

A mother daughter journal is a book that is passed between a mother and her daughter, and written in. The daughter can ask questions of her Mom, or simply let her know what is happening with her. The mother can also use it to ask questions and give her thoughts about the daughter, encouraging her and letting her know the wonderful thoughts she has about her -- it is a way of blessing the daughter. The beauty of this form of communication is that it can last a lifetime.

I know that as a mother gets older, and even passes away, a daughter will often treasure any words from her mother as precious. As a adult, I lost my Mom, and I still am thrilled to find any piece of writing with my Mother's handwriting, a piece of her. How much more precious a beautiful journal written with deliberation and care.

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Ideas For Writing In A Mother Daughter Journal

Ideas for Daughter To Write

  • Daughter writes a "check-in post," rating how she is feeling, from a scale of 1-10, and what emotions she has.
  • Daughter tells what is bothering her, whether it's a situation at school, or a boy that doesn't like her. This may be easier than sharing this face-to-face.
  • Daughter answers questions given by the Mom, in a way that she feels comfortable with.
  • Daughter talks about something that she is excited about, and anticipating, such as a birthday party, or other special event.
  • Daughter thanks her Mother for what the Mother does for her. She may be able to do this easier in writing, than in person.
  • Daughter shares her frustrations with her Mother, or with both of her parents. This is a way of letting her emotions out in a healthy, non-threatening way.
  • Daughter talks about a impending divorce, or separation, or about her parent's disagreements. Children and teens often have feelings that are very difficult to express when their parents are experiencing conflict.
  • Daughter asks questions of her Mom about her life, and what she should do, eliciting advice.
  • Daughter asks Mother about her own childhood, and things about her Mother that she would like to know.

Ideas For Mother To Write

First of all, it is important for the mother to be non-judgemental when reading her daugher's entries. Remember that this is a chance to get to know your daughter, and encourage her to share freely. If she feels that you are judging her for it, she might be very reluctant to share. Make her feel safe with her feelings, and be grateful that she is choosing to share them with you, instead of keeping them inside, or only confiding in her friends. Here are some ideas for writing:

  • Respond to your daughter's entries with care and sensitivity, and without freaking out, even if you don't like what she is saying. It is better that she is communicating with you!
  • Ask questions about how she is feeling, about life in general, and about specific situations of which you are aware.
  • Talk about your day, and what you enjoyed during the day. Share your joys and triumphs, no matter how small they may seem.
  • Share things you are passionate about, whether it is a funny time with a pet, or a beautiful view you saw on the drive home. Let her into your head. She will be delighted, even if she doesn't tell you.
  • Let your daughter know your concerns for her, such as being concerned about certain attitudes or behaviours. Writing it out is far different than nagging or yelling, and lets her know in a non-threatening manner.
  • Bless her. Tell her how proud you are of her, how happy she makes you. Tell her your vision of her in the future. What do you see her doing; what are her gifts?

I have been searching for Mother-Daughter Journals, and this one, called "Just Between Us" looks very promising. It is designed by a real Mom who used it with her daughter. I like this journal because it features interesting questions for use between a mother and a daughter, and its style makes it fun and engaging.

I am seriously considering purchasing this product for my sister and her two daughters.

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