Keeping A Prayer Journal

Have you ever considered keeping a prayer journal? This is one of the most powerful ways you can strengthen your faith, and see how God is working in your life, and in those around you.

I first encountered prayer journals thirteen years ago. The idea was suggested to me by my sister, and I was excited to try it. I bought a book called the ----- and started to write down my prayers on a daily basis. 

And it was powerful! It was exciting to see how prayers were answered, some requests so small that I would have usually never noticed, and others quite visible. The process was so powerful because it documented those utterings that sometimes seemed to get lost in the wind. 

The journal became a special place of communication between me and the LORD, where I could write out my  communication to him, and saw him working in reply to what I was praying.  I found writing down prayers was a way that prayer became more real, because there was actual physical evidence of what I had prayed, and what had taken place in the world. 

This is my personal experience; next, let's look at ten reasons to keep a prayer journal.

Ten Reasons To Keep A Prayer Journal

A prayer journal is a book where you write down your prayers, praise, and answers to prayers. There are several books available for you to use, specifically for writing down your prayers. You can also use a blank notebook for the same purpose. Do not let the lack of a special book stop you from starting.  So whatever the format, it is a good idea. Here are ten reasons to start keeping a prayer journal:

  1. It makes you notice the small victories. When you write down your requests to the LORD, you see how even those small things are starting to change for the better in your life. 

  2. Your faith will grow. By taking note of the answers to prayer, you will feel encouraged to keep on asking for the things that you believe God is leading you to ask. 

  3. You will pray more. By writing down your prayers, you are building a discipline into your devotional life, and you will find yourself taking more time to keep doing it. 

  4. You can share victories with others. By having a written record of your spiritual journey, you have something concrete that you can share with others. 

  5. It is Biblical.  King David wrote down honest, sometimes heart-wrenching cries to God, and the result is the book of Psalms. And many other examples abound in the Scriptures. 

  6. Your prayer life will probably expand. Sometimes we tend to focus our prayers exclusively on ourselves, but having a written record of our requests to the Almighty tends to help us see how we need to pray for others, too. 

  7. It is easier to keep your promises to pray. How often do we hear the words, "I will pray for you," in our church services? How often do we say it? How often does it happen? We often mean well, but we don't end up praying. Writing down the requests is a way to help us keep our word. 

  8. It will help you to stop worrying. We know we need to "let go and let God," but it's easier said than done. If you tend to ruminate, writing down your concerns will help get those thoughts down, and give them to the one who can help you.

  9. It is a record of your life. By recording your prayer life, you are also recording the capstone moments of your life, and those around you: the problems, the victories, the details. 

  10. It will increase your praise. A prayer journal is not just for requests; it is also for praising God what He is doing in your life. A formal way to thank Him will increase the level of praise that you will do. 
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